Tidy are proud to announce the launch of Cloud Mach 1 – a new online space that celebrates business at the speed of cloud. Our mission is to share opinions, facts, trends, commentary and debate on the fast changing world of cloud computing and digital technology, along with human interest stories connected with this rapid paced change.

Mach 1 aims to filter out ‘noise’. We want the stories we feature to cut through complex topics and present clear insight. We’ll be sharing stories that catalyse understanding, promote new thinking and visit themes that need a bigger ‘voice’.

The reporting of technology change has always provoked reactions – some positive and inspiring, some ambivalent; and to some it heightens suspicion, even fear. Whatever the reaction, technology advancement and the interest in its advancement will never stop. It inspires the young into a vast range of careers that span from movie directors to engineers, to medical research in space; and motivates governments, academia and business to lead or seek to keep up.

Just think of the range of reactions and discussions in 1947 when Chuck Yeager became the first to reach Mach 1 speed in his X-1 rocket plane and, to this day, there is still wide-ranging discussion and debate surrounding the 1969 landing of Apollo 11 on the moon.

Digital technology is deeply entrenched in every new technology advancement from medical to mechanical. It is not only reserved for computer science. Cloud computing is poised to be at the core of every future technology. And with “the cloud” being abstracted away from what we can touch and see, it will continue to provoke further reaction and discussion, just like that in 1947 or 1969.

That is why we have named this space Cloud Mach 1. We’ll be focusing on the best and most interesting (mainly) cloud related technology ideas. The Mach 1 space will strive to put quality of commentary and discussion first, for others to ponder the significance of where these events might lead.

Cloud technology is driving us faster and further into a digital world. It allows us to research and realise new ideas, bringing together education and scientific expertise, more powerfully, quickly and economically than ever before. This new era of cloud will be more influential to society than any other preceding era.

Change offers opportunities but also presents challenges, and the scope of Mach 1 is to include all angles. We are at the point when we are releasing not only new technology, but also applying this technology to the world, in many forms, at increasing velocity.

As technology enthusiasts, Tidy sponsor this site and embrace the future of the cloud. This forum is not all about our views. We want it to be a space where anyone can submit well-considered thoughts and opinions to the editor of Cloud Mach 1 about the benefits and challenges that surround cloud technology. We want it to be a space that inspires, educates and opens discussion about technology and its impact on our lives and businesses.

Photo by Ad Meskens of the Bell X-1 in the National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC.

Posted by Michelle Nicol

Freelance Writer, Wordstruck Writing and Training - Michelle is a freelance writer, trainer and tone of voice consultant who helps businesses tell their story through words that attract attention. A former BBC journalist, she also runs professional and creative writing workshops.